Take-Out Menus

takeout menu printing and delivery


Take-Out Menus

From tri-fold to 4-fold to flat takeout menus, Chase Menus offer custom design
and exceptional print-quality menus at a mouth-watering price. To top it off,
we offer mailing services that way the menus go directly to your customers’ door!

We Deliver!

An all inclusive print and deliver package, dishing up a soup to nuts combination of our finest
design and delivery at the lowest possible price, including postage at the USPS saturation rate.

A Sweet Deal:

5,000 pieces = $2,150
10,000 pieces= $3,350
15,000 pieces= $4,475

EDDM Mailers

It’s easy-as-pie, thanks to our special partnership with the USPS that gains you access to the
lowest postage rates available. Send a jumbo postcard of your menu to the neighborhoods you want.
Get as local as the carrier route or as broad reaching an entire zip code.

The Recipe

Great Design.
Perfected Mailing Routes.

The Price

5,000 = $2,050
10,000 = $3,350
15,000 = $4,550